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Image Gallery Japan School Year Japanese Calendar Year japanese calendar japan travel and living guide the lunar calendars were based on the cycle of the moon resulting in years of twelve months of 29 or 30 days the moon takes about 29 1 2 days to circle the earth and an occasional 13th month to even out the discrepancy to the solar cycle of 365 1 4 days i e the discrepancy to the seasons japanese calendar wikipedia japanese calendar types have included a range of official and unofficial systems at present japan uses the gregorian calendar together with year designations stating the year of the reign of the current emperor how to read a japanese calendar notes of nomads understanding how to read a japanese calendar is an important part of life in japan while it may seem intimidating at first when you see a combination of japanese year converter all calendars net calendar years in japan currently in japan both the gregorian calendar years e g 2004 and japanese nengo are used the gregorian calendar has been used alongside the japanese nengo since 1873 regardless of the system japanese dates are written in the order of year month day sometimes the kanji for the eras are shortened handling a new era in the japanese calendar in net net typically calendar eras represent long time periods in the gregorian calendar for example the current era spans as of this year 2 018 convert western and japanese years sljfaq org 2018 is year 30 of the heisei era from 8 january 1989 to the present this page can convert a japanese era date like meiji 14 into a western year or convert a western year like 1964 into the japanese era date see also the faq page on japanese years and the faq complete list of japanese eras japanese calendar years die homepage von joe wein besides the western calender japan also uses it s own numbering system based on eras the counting restarts from 1 on every change of era which usually year 2018 calendar japan calendars online and print friendly for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries worldwide japanese era name wikipedia the japanese era name nengō year name also known as gengō is the first of the two elements that identify years in the japanese era calendar scheme the second element a number counts the years since the era began as in many other systems there is no year zero japanese calendar conversion east west consulting k k the traditional japanese calendar is based on the reign period of the emperor each time a different emperor begins to rule a new counting of the years begins and the period acquires a new name