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The Wild Hunt Tag Archive Kickstarter Ancient Calendar Systems ancient and religious calendar systems britannica com ancient and religious calendar systems the near east and the middle east the lunisolar calendar in which months are lunar but years are solar that is are brought into line with the course of the sun was used in the early civilizations of the whole middle east except egypt and in greece a history of time and ancient calendars timecenter the ancient egyptians used a calendar similar to our current timekeeping system it included one year equal to 365 days in length each year included 12 history of calendars wikipedia the history of calendars that is of people creating and using methods for keeping track of days and larger divisions of time covers a practice with very ancient roots archeologists have reconstructed methods of timekeeping that go back to prehistoric periods at least as old as the neolithic the calendar system living maya time the ancient maya were accomplished observers of the sky this image shows maya animal constellations found in the paris codex using their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics the ancient maya developed one of the most accurate calendar systems in human history the ancient maya had a fascination with cycles of time ancient calendar systems 103 online archaeoastronomy to the ancient egyptians though their calendar did possess a real factual basis indeed the calendar itself as established during dynastic times was truly thought to have once characterized the real celestial cycles of both the earth year and moon month as they existed in some far off forgotten age of exceptional harmony other ancient calendars calendars babylonian calendar overview the ancient babylonians used a calendar with alternating 29 and 30 day months this system required the addition of an extra month three times every eight years and as a further adjustment the king would periodically order the insertion of an additional extra month into the calendar the ancient greek calendar polysyllabic of all ancient calendrical systems the greek is the most confusing the greek calendar is much like ancient greece itself it shared a certain basic similarity from region to region but each city state kept its own version list of calendars wikipedia list of calendars in the list below specific calendars are given listed by calendar type solar lunisolar or lunar time of introduction if known context of use and cultural or historical grouping if applicable the roman calendar time and date the roman calendar the ancient roman calendar however this system was flawed because the roman calendar year defined the term of office of elected ancient egyptian calendar kingtutshop from a very early time the ancient egyptians had a form of calendar based upon the phases of the moon followed a calendar system of 360 days with three